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Cala Galera / Marina Cala Galera, La Spezia / Marina La spezia, Genua / Marina de Genua, Piombino / Marina Salivoli, Piombino / Porto Piombino, Castiglioncello / Marina Cala de`Medici, Korsika / Bastia / Toga, Portoferraio / Marina Portoferraio, Follonica / Etrusca Marina, Viareggio / Marina Viareggio, San Remo / Porto Sole, San Remo / St. Stefano al Mare


Liguria, a narrow coastal line, forced between the sea and the mountains, forms a curve from the French border to Toscana. Along the coast with magnificent beaches, gentle hills or steep cliffs of the Ligurian Apennines rise up above the sea. A region full of contrasts – rocky coastal mountains and deep blue Mediterranean Sea, world-famous cities and isolated villages, busy ports and peaceful bays… The capital of the region Liguria is Genua, which lies approximately in the middle of the region, directly at the Gulf of Genua. Liguria is a sailing area that does not demand any special skills from the charter crew. There is always a protected port near. The directions are continuously marked with beacons. There are no important shallows and almost no offshore islands.


The island Elba is situated to the east from Corsica. It is especially famous for its varied landscapes and of course for its mild Mediterranean climate. The western and the eastern parts of the island are very hilly and have a steep rocky coast. Nevertheless, the island offers long extensive sand beaches and beautiful bays to anchor. The capital Portoferraio, which lies in the northern side of the island, is very popular because of its well protected harbour and a nice port promenade.


Of all islands along the coast of Italy, the island Corsica was most able to protect itself from rapid development and mass tourism, as it is very thinly populated. The both cities Bastia and Ajaccio have over 50 thousand inhabitants, which is about 40 per cent of all island inhabitants. If you want to sail and at the same time seek unspoiled coastal landscapes, you are right on this island of beauty. The vast coastal parts of the western coast are a perfect area for a sailing cruise, snorkelling or diving. Between the Gulf of Pinarello, to the north from Porto Vecchio, and the southern tip of Corsica extends a sailing area that is especially popular for some good reasons. Various islands, groups of islands, protected gulfs and anchoring bays together make an overall picture that is perfectly corresponding with the interests of sailors. However, if you wish to go sailing in the main season, you will have to share the “loge seats” in the remote bays with many others. Looking for wind in the calm periods, which may occur not only in summer, you will definitely find satisfaction in the Straits of Bonifacio. Sailing in May and June is the inside tip for experts. Even October with its summer water temperatures can be very pleasant for a sailing cruise, despite the fact that the day length becomes noticeably shorter.

Winds & Weather:

The coast of Liguria is protected by a massive mountain chain, which makes the air temperatures stay pleasantly mild in early spring as well as in late autumn. The average temperatures in May are 21 degrees Celsius, and in October still 20 degrees Celsius. In the summer months weak winds of 4 Bft at the most prevail. In the western part they blow from the south-west or from the south direction, in the eastern part from the north-west or from the west. During the night as well as in the early morning slight north winds blow from the coast. Low pressure areas often stay longer in the Gulf of Genua. The air pressure decreases steadily, as they pass through. The Libeccio, which blows from the south-west or from the west, can be quite treacherous - reaching 5 -8- Bft it can stay from one to even four days. Tramontana, the cold wind from north or north-west direction, arises in autumn and winter and can reach the intensity of light storm. The mountains ranges of Corsica cause jet effects and squalls. Sailing around the cape, you should expect sudden changes of wind conditions. There are a lot of shallows in the Straits of Bonifacio and Maddalena Archipelago as well as in Les Moines and the reefs of Olmeto in the south-west of Corsica. Tidal currents can be neglected. If the wind is strong, a current of about 3 knots occurs in the Straits of Bonifacio.


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